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Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter is coming!

It's April already and Easter is almost here!  So I've redecorated my dining table with my jars, Easter treats, bunnies and those wonderful pastel colours that I love at Easter.  All I had to buy this year was the gorgeous little jars with the pink and blue bunnies on top.  Each year my collection of jars grows.

Along with my table, I also created some special choccy baskets for Sophia's teachers and a basket full of wash cloth bunnies for her school friends.

This morning we went off to school happily (last day for 2 weeks), me with a basket in the crook of my arm, bunnies smiling at everyone we meet and chocolate that's threatening to melt cause the temps are still way up in the 30s even at 8am in the morning!

As we approached the classroom Sophia got excited as she swiped the basket and ran off to share with her friends.  They were so excited when they found the hidden chocolate egg inside!  By the end of the morning there were bunnies everywhere and I now understood why there's a rabbit proof fence and why Queensland isn't allowed to have them as pets!  I've always wanted a pet bunny, ever since I was in kindy and we had one as a pet to look after.

Anyway here are the baskets of goodies:

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A few more weeks of project life

So far I've shown Week 1 of my new project life adventure.  It's quite different from my normal scrapbooking style, but I'm finding my groove and loving it now.  I have so much to catch up on, as I've fallen a little behind with Uni work and wedding planning (for my best friend).  But now that I've got the hang of it, it's really getting quite easy to create and finish pages.  So here are my latest pages...
 This week was all about our trip to the ice-skating rink and building our very first (ever) snowman, in the middle of summer!
 We had the return of the M&M McFlurry this week, Zeus started digging holes after we had a ton of rain, Sophia had some face painting and we enjoyed some swimming.  The girls also got their very own chickens, which will live out at their Nan & Gan's house.
 Amber learned and became addicted to looming, we had a surprise visit from friends in Brisbane.  Amber's favourite teacher had her gorgeous bubby, dad made it into the paper and we discovered "glamping" in the loungeroom.
 This week my preemie baby doll got her beautiful new outfit, the girls practised wearing their outfits for school and we made an unscheduled trip to Brisbane (Sophia & I) because they couldn't help with her tooth ache.  We stopped at the Hyperdome to see a dinosaur exhibit.
 More of the dinosaur exhibit and some photos of our trip around Brisbane, including many trips to different dentists (who couldn't help us), and saying hi to Matilda.
 Australia arrived along with mum's birthday.  We travelled the short distance to spend it with her.  The girls made her a special cake that they decorated with their own drawings.  Afterwards we celebrated at a friends house.
 Back to school!  Amber went back on Tuesday, Sophia on Wednesday.  Both had a ton of fun, met new friends and came home to some of my creations: school themed cupcakes and a cake made entirely of fruit!
 We celebrated Waitangi Day with dressing up, playing poi and drawing a moko on Sophia.  We discovered homework and took Lucy to the shops for the first time.  Amber made it into the paper and so did I,  Zeus went swimming in the creek and I bought a salt lamp.
 Lots of rain this week, but that didn't stop the fun of parties, walking the dog and school.  Jas nearly exploded a beer in the freezer and we celebrated Valentines with gifts of love and friendship.
 Sophia discovered a huge tray of playdough at kmart which gave me half an hour of peace, Zeus found a friend on one of his walks and we went to the grand opening of Yoghurtland - and enjoyed free yoghurt!  I received an awesome RAK from a fellow PLer and Amber made damper in her new Cooking class.
Sophia's first excursion was to the Marina, with a parent get-together, bbq and a play on equipment.  We celebrated both mine and Jas's birthdays, Zeus went swimming again after more rain and I went on an adventure to source a Soundwave ticket for Nick.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Happy Ani-versary

March 25th, 2014 is my 14th wedding anniversary, and in my typical style I just had to make my hubby a gift.  I figure it's such a personal day, that making something from my heart means more than any gift I could get at a shop.

For my gift this year I wanted to make something Star Wars related.  My hubby and I love Star Wars and he especially loves watching the Clone Wars cartoon.  So I chose the sentiment "Ani - versary" as it's Ani in the picture!  If you're not an Starwars fan I'll explain - Anakin Skywalker is a very young Darth Vader, yep he started out as a Jedi and when his wife (Queen Amadala) died after giving birth to their twins (Leia & Luke) he turned to the dark side.  Anakin's mother used the nickname "Ani" as an affectionate term, and it fits perfectly with my sentiment!

I used Mojo Monday's sketch to create my card. I really liked the style and the little flags.

To go along with this special card, I created a buffet of chocolate goodies.  Using some little milk bottles, I decorated them with black rosettes and then placed a picture of the Death Star on top.  I then filled each bottle with treats: Malteasers = Thermal Detonators, Mini biscuits = Wookie Cookies, Cheese Shapes = Darth Cheddars, M&Ms = M-Pire M&Ms and (not pictured) I included a small bottle of "Han" Solo softdrink.
Oh and I nearly forgot!  I made some light sabers by wrapping 2 cadbury chocolate rolls with red and blue Bazzell and some foil.  It was so much fun to see his face when he arrived home from work.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Patrick's first photos

I am so excited!!!  Today Patrick's belly plate arrived from the uber talented Lana from Lanasline on Etsy.  With my awesome package came his gorgeous belly plate with umbilical cord and clip *squeel!*, a hospital cap, hospital blanket, birth certificate, hospital bracelet, powder wafer and nappy. As soon as I saw the package at my door I raced inside and ripped it open.  Then I set about creating his photoshoot.

So here he is, all new and smelling lovely on the hospital bed.  Wrapped up in his blanket to keep warm and his belly is peeking through.  The girls are totally fascinated in his umbilical cord and I get to tell them stories of they day they were born.  I still have their clips to show them.
Here you can see his little ankle bracelet and tootsies.  His hair is damp from his first bath and he's all squirmy while he's being dried.
He has soft mottling on his tummy, just like his arms and legs, and a hint of blue through his cord.
So there you have him - welcome to the world little Patrick!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Valentine's Day

So I'm running a little late for this post, but here it is.  These are Sophia's Valentines that I made for her to hand out at school.  She was so excited to carry the basket and ask her friends to choose a colour pencil!  Then they all used their pencils during class.

I figured it was better to make something that the kids could use, instead of bringing chocolates.  There are so many allergies and parents who don't allow sugar that a pencil gift was perfect - and they learning to write at the moment, so it killed 2 birds :)

All I had to do was print out these labels which I found here: Write on Printables

Then I cut them up and punched holes in each end.  Just thread a colourful pencil through the holes and you're done.

Oh and don't forget to sign your valentines!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fruit cake

I don't like fruitcake, not for weddings, not for Christmas not at all - but then......there's the FRUIT cake - a cake made entirely out of fruit!!!

I made this with the help of the girls for afternoon tea.  It was so much fun!  We used our new Pop Chef fruit cutters.

All I did was cut up two halves of a watermelon (I couldn't buy a whole one), into rectangles.  Then I used toothpicks to attach the grapes and shaped fruit.  I used skewers to make the kabobs at the top.  It's that easy, and it looks awesome!

This is a fantastic activity with children to build their fine motor skills, learn shapes, learn patterns and follow instructions.  Sophia and I are hoping to make another one for Bakers day at school.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Back to school

Today was the start of a new school year!  Amber started grade 8 and was happy and excited to be back with her friends.

I wanted to make her something nice for when she came home, so I made some vanilla cupcakes with school themed toppers.  I used some fondant and drew lines to make it look like note paper.  Then added some writing.  It's a little tricky drawing on the icing as it isn't entirely hard, but was still fun.  Sophia also made a topper for her sister.

Amber has chosen some new subjects this year like Tennis, Drama & Dance and no music.  She made some new friends and caught up with her old friends and is raring to go back again tomorrow.

Sophia starts Prep tomorrow, so I'll make her something special for her day.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Project Life - Week 1

Can you believe it!  I have finally started using my Project Life kit that I bought over 12 months ago!  It's sat on my shelf - folder, sleeves, papers, dividers the lot - and now it's finally seen the light of day.  I'm still learning, as this is soo different from my normal way of scrapbooking, but I think it's fun.  I'm not sure it's any quicker than normal scrapbooking though, I swear I still spent 4 hours on these 2 pages!

Friday, 10 January 2014

December Daily

This year I decided that I would create a December Daily.  I had some extra time cause I wasn't stressed with work this year and I had lots of family coming that I wanted to document.

For my book, I started with a base of heavy card, 2 D rings and some double sided patterned paper.  I added shaped paper, paper bags, envelopes, pockets and tags.  Then I covered the plain card with paper and added some cards, stickers, ribbons and tabs.  I was all ready for December first to roll around and so excited to get started!

I used my phone to take photos of all the events during the month of December, I added more pages, tags, ribbons and tons of embellishments.  I journalled about everything, sights, smells, sounds, people, places and of course Betty our Christmas elf.  She's sort of what ties the entire book together cause you get to look for her throughout the book, just like we did every morning.
Here are some more photos of the finished book.  I'm also going to do a flip through:

Can you believe how chunky it turned out?!  I absolutely love every part of this book and am so glad I finished it - December 31, just before the New Year ticked over.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Amber all grown up

This is one of those layouts that you look at and think - wow, where did the time go, where has my little girl gone that used to complain that her cousin was "sucking on her" when she was showered in kisses?  The little girls who used to sit in the kiddy pool in nothing but undies in the summer?  My little girl has grown up.  Amber is on the cusp of becoming a teenager, all her childhood favourites have changed.  She watches more grownup shows instead of cartoons, she doesn't play with ponies or Barbies (unless bribed by her sister), she wears more grown up clothes and hairstyles.

I miss my baby :(

Amber is growing into a beautiful young lady, and is taking on more and more responsible roles around the house.  Almost everyday she asks if she can go out to work, and is counting down the days til she can drive!  Where does the time go?

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